About Us


Broadpay  is a company that provides various services that process payments for cash transfers, payments of Airtime for Mobile Network Operators and settlement of utility bills.

BroadPay provides a sustainable business model to SMEs by giving them a possibility to receive payments from any one in the world thereby helping businesses grow and creates thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly. We understand that in order to touch many lives, we need to work together with everyone else. We also develop products that are specially created for the Bottom of the Pyramid such as our agency banking platform that is partially funded by the Rural Financial Expansion Program (RUFEP) support by the Ministry of Finance and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. With this product we hope to have 20000 households financially included by the year 2020.

BroadPay operations were launched in 2014. We launched Self-Service kiosks that were only installed in urban areas. In 2015, we launched mobile point of sale machines which also focused on the urban population but a small percentage was deployed in rural towns. In 2016, we launch a mobile phone based merchant application which was deployed to 5000 merchants across the country most of whom were in rural towns. Some of the merchants were used to pilot a cash transfer project while others focused on bill payments.


BroadPay's vision is to help create a world where those living in poverty have universal access to financial services and the benefits they deserve.


Our mission is to initiate programs and projects that seek to deliver affordable financial services to the doorstep of the underprivileged